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Statisticsfor Business

Statisticsfor Business

Theessay is an analysis of a financial chart from Thechart selected is NY Stock Exchange. The chart shows financialinformation about companies that are most active on the New YorkStock Exchange (NYSE). The type of chart selected is known as theSharpChart. The chart is a superior version of the bar graph. It isused to analyze financial statistics of business organizations. Itshows financial values over time.

Thechart shows ten most active stocks at the NYSE on September 12, 2016,at 16.10ET. These company stocks are: Bank of America Corporation(BAC), Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK), Freeport-McMoRan Inc,(FCX), Ford Motor Company (F), General Electric Company (GE),Weatherford Int (WFT), Wells Fargo &amp Co (WFC), Sprint Corp (S),Ambev SA ADR (ABEV), and Vale SA ADR (VALE) (, 2016).

Thestock value of BAC rose by 1.02%. The new value is 15.9. CHKincreased in value to 8.05. The value of FCX rose by 0.81 to 11.08.The closing value of F is 12.7. GE increased in value by 1.26%. Thenew value of the stock is 30.49. WFT gained 0.45. The new value ofthe stock is 6.26. WFC declined in value by 0.37%. The new stockvalue is 48.54. S value is 6.92. This shows an increase in value by0.27 (4.06%). The value of ABEV is 6.08. This shows a rise of 0.09.VALE rose by 4.05% to achieve the value of 5.4 (,2016).

Increaseand decrease of stock value are closely analyzed by shareholders ofthe companies using the SharpChart. The financial investors monitorif the value of their investments is increasing or decreasing at theNYSE. Analysis of the ten most active stocks indicates an increase inthe value of nine investments. SharpChart is, therefore, a usefultool for determining the financial worth of investments at the NYSE.

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