Successful Companies




Socialresponsibility is the duty of a business to further their policiesand generate decisions that are desirable to the ideas and values ofthe society they exist in. Organizations gain trust and show thatthey are responsible leaders by being socially conscious, mergingthe needs of the company to those of the society, volunteering,engaging in ethical activities, contributing economically, andpreserving the environment. Companies lose trust when they engage insocially irresponsible activities these activities include illegaldealings, engaging in environmental degradation, corruption, and whenthey sabotage the community economically.

Starbucks,a coffee company, has become the society’s favorite by engaging insocial responsibility acts through, actively seeking better ways ofdeveloping its coffee, ensuring environmental leadership, economicaccountability, product quality, and supporting charity causes. NuSkin, a personal care company is another company that has earnedthe society’s approval by starting an initiative known as Nourishthe Children. Employees and customers of this company donate mealsthat are rich in nutrients to needy children.

BP,an oil and gas company has ruined its reputation through destroyingthe natural environment it spilled oil in the deep waters in 2010,losing its credibility with the public. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. isan investment bank it is viewed negatively by the society because itworked against the economic development of the population byfurthering its interest at the expense of its customers.

Toensure that my company remains in the good graces of the community, Iwould ensure that the enterprise includes the society in itsdealings, possess up to date licenses, work within the framework ofthe law, conservation of the environment, and acting with integrity.