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Thewebsite identifies Masaccio as a painter that belonged to theRenaissance art period. Masaccio’s Holy Trinity is a religiouspainting that depicts the Trinity of God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost.The art can be located in Santa Maria Novella, in Florence. Thearticle, found on the Khan Academy site, explains that Masaccio’sfresco was painted from a low point of view, to indicate that peoplewere looking up at Christ, who was on the cross. The writer of thearticle also identifies God’s feet in the picture, which can beseen in the background of the painting as the favorite part of thefresco (Khan Academy, 2016). The author prefers this part because itoffers readers and art lovers an understanding of the Renaissanceperception and images of God. The people of this era considered Godas a man, as opposed to viewing him as something abstract or a forceof supremacy. The writer goes further to examine the architecture ofthe painting the church where it is located. The author identifiesclassical architecture acquired from Greece and Rome as the chiefinfluences of Masaccio’s work (Khan Academy, 2016). As such, theauthor discusses matters such coffers, pilasters, column, fluting,barrel vault, as well as Corinthian and Ionic capital as some of theclassical features exhibited on Masaccio’s artwork.


Thevideo explores how Masaccio managed to create a three-dimensionalmasterpiece during the Renaissance art era in Florence. The videoalso shows how the artist was able to apply linear perspective forthe initial time. It uses computer operations to explain to viewersthe aspects that were involved in creating the Trinity painting.Additionally, the video explains how the artist managed to make thepartition behind the artwork seem to disappear to the extent that theart seems to be an extension of the room that the audience is in. Thefilm utilizes recent technology to indicate how Renaissance masterssuch as Masaccio were altering the manner in which people view theworld. The movie applies current technology to elaborate old workslike the Trinity painting in novel ways. Through the video, viewerscan comprehend different forms of illusions and perspectives, whichthe art masters applied in these ancient paintings.


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