The concept of holistic healthcare


Concept identification

Every theorystarts from an idea. McEwin M. &amp Wills E.M. (2014) describe aconcept as an original idea or a general understanding of an object.Concepts are structured in the form of words to make it possible forindividuals to communicate their meaning. In nursing practice,concepts are applied, and their importance to healthcare iscommunicated. An example of a concept is the holistic healthcare forpatients. According to this concept, a person is a whole being whosewell-being is determined by physiological, psychological, social,spiritual and cultural factors (Estes M. E., 2014). These factorsshould be considered in providing healthcare services.

Concept Summary

Nursing practicemainly focuses on enhancing the health of patients. This is achievedthrough disease management that facilitates the healing process.However, the practice should go beyond only concentrating on thephysiological well-being of patients. A broader, holistic, approachneeds to be employed to ensure the health of the whole person isachieved. According to holistic care, nursing practice should addressbiological, psychological, social, spiritual and cultural aspects ofpatients. The aspects cannot be separated from one another(Sorrentino S. A. &amp Remmert L. N., 2014).

The healthcare services that nurses provide to their patients shouldbe tailored well to address all the aspect of wholeness of a person.Holistic healthcare is achieved when nurses ensure physiological,psychological, social, and spiritual healing (Estes M. E., 2014).Culture is included since it influences the value system of thepatients. Acceptance that patients express towards therapeuticpractices is dictated by whether their values are honored or violatedby nurses. By addressing the five aspects of human health, nurses areable to provide a holistic healthcare.


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