The Fault in Our Stars

TheFault in Our Stars

Thereare various ways in which I will evolve in high school. It is quiteexpected that my focus will substantially shift at that time since Ishall be in the part of my life where I will be nearly ushering inadulthood. That being the case, my thoughts will be considerablygeared on the aspect of the kind of life that I would wish to lead inadulthood and the dreams that I would want to accomplish in the longrun. Advance in age come with responsibilities, therefore, I willtake up more duties to prepare myself in becoming a dependableteenager. As much as I always try my best to be responsible andfollow through the various tasks that I am usually accorded, Ibelieve that I will be more hands on in high school. Similarly, Iwill have the capability to take up even greater tasks since mycapacity to handle them will have significantly developed, and aswell, my level of discipline will have increased.

Sucha change will be aligned with the story of the novel, TheFault in Our Starsin several ways. One of the similarities is the mere fact that justlike Hazel and Augustus were determined to lead a life of lovetowards each other in spite of their challenges, I will also be ableto face different issues that may not be appealing and have the zealto conquer them accordingly. It also relates to the aspect that isbrought about by Augustus where he indicates that people are onlyhurt by things that they allow to destroy them (Green 65). As such,I will be acutely aware of the fact that I have full control of mostof the occurrences that take place in my life and, therefore, need totake actions that are of benefit to me. One of them could be relatedto the use of technology, especially social media. I shall ensurethat I use this entity in such a manner that it does not pose anyharm to another person or me through safeguarding my privacy andshying away from invading that of others.

Thereare also dissimilarities that could be highlighted between my stateat high school level and the different elements provided in the book.One of them is the mere fact that I shall be keen enough to ensurethat I remain quite sensitive to the environment around me (Green71). This case is more unlike that of Van Houtten where he insultedHazel for his state of cancer. Such a practice was quite uncalled forand goes against the general standards of practice as far as relatingto other human beings is concerned. In addition, Van Housten isportrayed as a spirited drunkard his character is questionable,since alcohol consumption is illegal for persons under the age oftwenty-one. I shall also retain great honesty with other people whilerelating with them and ensure that I am open to issues that are ofgreat importance to them. Seemingly, this is quite in contrast towhat people used to tell Hazel as Augustus later confessed that hishealth was not as good as people made Hazel believe (Green 87). Ialso think that my life shall continue transforming for the betterand even through high school. However, this is different from thegreat tragedy that befell Augustus, as he later passed on. Likewise,I shall develop great and supportive friends during my period in highschool and not like Van Houtten who has the tendency of hurting thefeelings of people. Importantly, I shall keep off bad friendship inorder to avoid peer pressure in issues such as alcohol and drugabuse.


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