The future of project management

Thefuture of project management

Businessesundertake various projects from time to time. Some of these projectsare embedded on the company’s short-term goals while others arepurely long term investments. The common characteristic among thesetwo projects is that their success in implementation heavily relieson the competency of the project management team. Project ManagementInstitute (PMI) was developed to offer guidance on how to design andundertake projects. It gives its members an opportunity to networkand interact with professionals in their search for skills andknowledge to enhance their careers and improve the organizationalsuccess. This firm provides training and development programs tocultivate technical know-how among employees, supervisors and thesenior managers (Pinto, 2012). According to PMI everyone is acritical component of the project management and improving theirabilities increases better chances for the firm in the future.

PMIis dedicated to preparing its people for the workplace as well asbeyond. The company believes in equipping employees through theprovision of education programs that promote both personal andprofessional development. According to the management of this firm,education is deemed as the first step towards change. The corporationhas been able to successfully offer certification programs that equipworkers with the necessary tools and experience required for them toadvance within their companies or change entirely to new fields. Insimple terms PMI certifications adequately prepare individuals toexcel in any industry across the globe (Pinto, 2012).

Withthe increasing technological advancement, the world is evolvingrapidly and thus the need for career progression. Whatever interestone has, PMI has certification programs to meet their needs. Theyoffer training that allows one to meet demands of various projectsand the real- world needs for organizations (Pinto, 2012). In thatcase, they increase the value of one’s career path by making thembetter, effective and efficient than before.


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