The Good Life God`s Response to Sin`s Separation Student`s

TheGood Life: God’s Response to Sin’s Separation

TheGood Life: God’s Response to Sin’s Separation

  1. Importance of the Substitutionary Death of Christ (His &quotBlood&quot) and one`s Personal Faith in that Sacrifice as Crucial to Persons Enjoying the Good Life of Restoration With God.

Asubstitute refers to a person or thing that takes the place ofanother, performing the tasks supposed to be performed by theoriginal, filling the role of the original. Owing to the sinfulnature of man (Romans 3: 9-18 23), there hang a terrible deathsentence over every human being (Romans 6:23) until Jesus Christ diedon the cross to redeem man from the death sentence. His deathnullified the eternal death of man, and promised that anyone whobelieves in Him shall live with Him for eternity. This is what iscommonly known as substitutionary atonement (substitutionary death)where the death of Christ led to the restoration of the positiverelationship between the sinner (man) and God.

Paul summarized his teachings to the Corinthians into three partsthe substitutionary death of Christ, the resurrection of Christ andthe salvation from Jesus (1 Cor. 15: 1-4). He extends the sameteaching to the Romans in Rom. 3: 21-26. It was crucial to teach theearly Christians, and those of today, that the blood shed on thecross was in absolute fulfillment of perfect justice by God. Thismeans that the sins of man are fully paid for. In addition, the Graceof God towards sinners has been proven by the substitutionary death,meaning that all men can truly be forgiven if they repent of alltheir sins. In this context, it is crucial for Christians tounderstand the Substitutionary Death of Christ because it helps themappreciate the sacrifice as a crucial aspect of those that areenjoying the good life of restoration with God (Nielson, 2016).

  1. Explain why the terms of justification, sanctification, and adoption (in light of how these concepts appear in Romans 5-6 &amp 8) are necessary to the enjoyment of the Good Life that Jesus promised.

Sanctification,justification and adoption are crucial benefits that come through theredemption of man by Christ. Adoption means that a sinner is receivedinto the fold, thereby giving them a right to all Godly privileges bybeing a child of God, and subsequently having God as their Father.Sanctification, on the other hand, is the internal spiritual renewalthat eventually results in the external reformation of life andbehavior. In line with the scriptural teachings, adoption,justification and sanctification are crucial to believers fordistinctively separate results. Justification provides peace,acceptance, reconciliation and the assurance of divine favor. Fromsanctification, a believer receives renewal and righteousness intheir lives, while adoption comes with the formation of a closerelationship that is distinct from that of servant-masterrelationship. Adoption is responsible for turning believers intoGod’s spiritual children. These three concepts are critical forChristians to enjoy the good life promised to them by Christ(


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