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TheGreat Gatsby

TheGreat Gatsby

NickCaraway is the narrator and also regards himself as the author of theGreat Gatsby. In 1922, Nick Caraway moved to New York where he renteda premise known as the West Egg on the Long Island and startedworking as a business person. The people in West Egg are wealthy andrarely do they associate with the aristocratic, traditionalistspeople of East Egg. Nick’s modest house in West Egg neighbors thatof Great Gatsby which is an extensive enormously large mansion. Nickis sited on the porch when Tom came dressed in riding clothes andgreets him while Daisy and her friend Jordan Baker sit in the livingroom. Her friend seems to lack interest in her environment since sheis yawning.

Tomtells his friends about a book written by Goddard known as the riseof the colored empires which supports white supremacist nature andracists. The party ended immediately after the supper and Jordan whohad a golf contest the next day retires to bed. Nick leaves as Tomand Daisy made fun of him to have affection to Jordan. As soon asNicks arrived home, he saw Gatsby for the first time. He was standingon the side of flower garden doing some activities with his hands.

Thecharacter to focus on is Nick Caraway who is an author of GreatGatsby. Nick is upright and understanding. He is also sociable sincehe visits his relatives in east egg and has supper together. Nickdoes not hold a grudge on other people a character he acquired fromhis father. Conclusively, the author wants to bring into attentionthe culture of the wealthy and poor. He acts as a bridge to narrowthe gap between the wealthy and poor. Nick is so optimistic that therich will associate freely with the poor, a character to becherished.