The Impact of Work Terms on Career Choice


In every individual’s career life, one path leads to the other. Itmay begin early during childhood from the inspirations we get fromour role models. With time, we get our education, and our careerpaths become even well defined. Before getting to settle at ourworkplaces, we have a chance to attach ourselves with job providerseither when we are studying or after we are done with our studies(Nishant, Sushanta, &amp Neharika, 2014). The experience we acquireserves as the drive and motivation that nurtures our career lives.After I graduate from the Bachelor of Commerce Program, I desire towork as an accountant with one of the famous firms.

I already have some experience in accounting, having worked as anaccounting assistant with Jiangxi Energy Group Corporation from April2016 through August 2016. I have also served as an accounting clerkbefore, working with Podium Properties Inc. (Halifax, Nova Scotia)between September and December of 2015. Between January and April of2016, I served as the Administrative Assistant of Dalhousie RoweSchool of Business (Halifax, Nova Scotia). I gained importantknowledge on administration and communication that are crucial in mycareer path.

My working experiences have had a great impact on the choice of mycareer as an accountant. I learned the art of completing fullaccounting cycle duties which are important aspects of accounting.There was much to learn and experience in populating audit reportswhile I assisted senior auditors with their work. Helping to checkwhether numbers in files matched with audit reports is another thingthat will impact the choice of my career path. The duties I was givento perform are the same things that are outlined in my job. It istrue that such work experiences have had a significant influence onthe choice of my career.

Summary of Ideal Job Description

I am interested in becoming an accountant (accounting officer) foran automotive dealership, working with Richmond Hill Mitsubishi. Thisjob position requires a potential applicant to have a degree ordiploma. The skills needed for the position should include a two-yearexperience of working in any automotive new and used car dealership.One is also required to have a two-year experience working withaccounts receivables, accounts payables, and accounts management.

The tasks to be performed in this position will include theformulation and submission of HST returns on a quarterly basis. Oneis also expected to keep records for both used and new vehicle sale,and manage and balance all the accounts of the company. There is alsothe responsibility of providing reports on the financial outlook on adaily, monthly, and yearly basis. There is also the responsibility ofperforming accounting and book-keeping of the day-to-day operationsof the company. Finally, one has the responsibility of performingpayroll duties and handing relevant reports to the management teamfor verification and authorization.

I am appropriate for this position since I possess a Bachelor’sDegree in Commerce. The duration of my experience may be short, but Iunderstand the concepts of account management, account payables, andreceivables. My experience with Podium Properties Inc. on thecompletion of variance analysis of annual property budgets is morethan enough to help me manage the accounts. Working as anadministrative assistant is another important part of my experiencethat will help me interact with the managers on a superior platformand give a hand in decision-making (Erdogan &amp Caglar, 2013 (3)).

Potential Employers

I have an interest working either with D+H Company or with PwCService Delivery Center. The two companies have vacancies that suitmy academic credentials and experience. Both offer opportunities intheir financing departments, areas that I am interested in displayingmy accounting knowledge. They are the ideal places that will help menurture my career further and become an all-around member of thecommerce industry, not only a minor in accounting.

PwC Service Delivery Center is a company located in London. It isassociated with the preparation of tax returns and other tax-relatedcompliance services to their customers. The company has adoptedtechnology to standardize its processes. The clients to the companyare the taxpayers of Canada. PwC as a larger network consists offirms with separate legal entities and is not a global partnership ormultinational corporation.

In this company, I would be interested in the position of a taxprocess specialist. The tasks that one is expected to perform includethe tracking and reporting of all customer information. One should bein a position to manage receipts as well as the verification of thee-file consent forms. In addition to these, one should be conversantwith the electronic filing of tax returns and have the capacity tosend electronic copies of tax returns to customers. Accounting skillsare essential as they will be required in the processing of taxreturns in the working environment (PwC, 2016).

The screening process of the company begins with the verification ofthe required documents, followed by an interview to assess theability of the applicant to communicate effectively with the clients.To eliminate some individuals, knowledge to speak French fluently isevaluated.

D+H is a company located in Pickering, Ontario. It deals withoffering financial and technological solutions to its clients. Thecompany has been described as a partner to banks and corporationsaround the world. Business people are the main customers of the firm.

In D+H, I would be interested in working as accounts payablerepresentative. I would be expected to process authorized payables tosuppliers and maintain statutory filing requirements. On a weeklybasis, I will also be required to perform wire schedules and documentdepartmental procedures. The skills required include a properunderstanding of charts of accounts and proficiency in softwarecommunication. One should be a college or university graduate andhave good working experience of basic accounting principles (D+H,2016).

The primary capabilities of a potential applicant include customergrowth, financial performance, risk management, leadership, andenhanced service delivery. One should be in a position to usesoftware applications appropriately and display excellentcommunication skills. The screening process involves the eliminationof applicants who do not possess the required level of education.Only individuals with a solid understanding of chart accounts areconsidered for interviews. Privilege is given to those persons whohave prior experience in risk management, financial performance andaccounts payable. With my experience as an accounting clerk, I am ina position to qualify for the post as accounts payable representativein this company. I have excellent problem-solving skills as well ascommunication skills.


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