The Leadership Styles in the movie The Titans

TheLeadership Styles in the movie The Titans

The Leadership Styles in the movie The Titans

In the movie The Titans, Coach Boone is not an effectiveleader since he does not attempt to be friendly to the team or evencreate relationships with each of them. Instead, he relies on hisposition as the head coach to lead the team, an approach that seemsto fail. Coach Yoast takes a supportive figure and uses his charismato influence the team. The approach seems to succeed since the teameven wants him to lead the team as well. Lastly, the Gerry and Juliusare able to communicate with the other teammates effectively andcreate friendships as well. Their approach seems to work, and theother players look up to the two as the unofficial leaders of theteam.

In the movie, Coach Boone uses the positional power as well thecoercive power to demand respect and lead the team. However, theapproach seems to fail since he does not take his time to relate withthe team members and earn the respect he wants. Coach Yoast, on theother hand, uses the power of charisma to ensure that he hasinfluence over the team, and it surely succeeds (Holbrook, 2014).Lastly, Gerry and Julius that are the unofficial leaders use thepower of relationships to lead the team since they know how tocommunicate with the team members. The team even respects thembecause they are able to channel their concerns to the officialleaders and face them when any need arises.

I believe that charismatic leadership and the use of communicationand relationship in leading others is quite effective. Coach Yoast,Gerry, and Julius exhibits the leadership styles that I believe aremore valuable in nurturing teamwork among the players. In fact, theirleadership styles align with the relational leadership model that ismy desired management approach. It stresses on understanding theneeds and the interests of the other members. It also focuses onmotivating each of the members and ensures that they have themomentum required in reaching the goals required. Hence, the elementof creating friendship and communicating with each of the teammembers is quite effective in earning respect (Holbrook, 2014).People love a person that will take his or her time to understandothers and relate to them as well. Instead, the use of coercive powerand positional power is somehow inappropriate since most people hateformality. In some cases, the team members will certainly prefer theunofficial leaders since they will strive to understand them.However, the Coach Boone fails in undertaking each of the tasks as aleader since he uses the coercive power in harassing the players andforcing them to implement the playing strategies.

In conclusion, the movie illustrates various leadership styles thatthe team portrayed. For instance, Coach Boone used coercive approachto influence the team members yet, his assistant that was CoachYoast was more charismatic, and the players looked up to him. Thesame case also applied to Julius and Gerry that were the unofficialleaders that took their time to understand the other players and usedthat opportunity to lead them. In fact, their approach even made themearn respect among the team members as well. The relationalleadership model that is my valuable management approach aligns withthe use of communication and relationship to lead the other teammembers. All in all, the movie was quite effective in revealing howthe leadership styles were implemented.


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