The personal mission statement

Thepersonal mission statement


Thepersonal mission statement

Nursingis a profession that caught my interest since I was a child and hasgrown with great admiration and respect for nurses. It is a highdemanding career that can be challenging, but comes with a sense ofsatisfaction and fulfillment. In my understanding, an exceptionalnurse ought to have excellent communication skills, a good listener,and enthusiastic to learn more throughout the career journey. Ibelieve I have the mentioned skills and will strive to enhance myexpertise every day of my practice. I realized that nursing was mycalling during my internship program when I got the opportunity tohelp patients with mental illness. Caring and helping others is avirtue that comes out naturally to me and I love the satisfactionthat comes with the act[ CITATION McC12 l 1033 ].My passion and interest in health care provision pushed me intostudying a nursing course in the university. During my study, I havegained considerable knowledge and clinical skills which I intend toput to good use by making a significant change in people’s life.

Bythe end of the year, I plan to take counseling and therapy classes tofurther my knowledge and skills. I am also aiming at diversifying myawareness and expertise by pursuing a Master of Science degree inmental health nursing. Three years down the line I intend toestablish a psychiatric center for the mentally ill, and aChildren’s’ Home. It has been my greatest desire and interest togive love and helping hand to the challenged people in the society.The accomplishment of the above goals and objectives will mark myculmination in the nursing profession.


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