The Roosevelt Corollary

TheRoosevelt Corollary

President Roosevelt created the Roosevelt Corollary after hediscovered that the Monroe was insufficient in protecting the LatinAmerica from European attack. The Monroe had portrayed a number ofweaknesses that failed to protect Latin America from the interferenceof the European nations with its economy. For instance, in 1902, theVenezuelan government had failed to pay all of its debts, and thatresulted in German, British and Italian ships blocking Venezuela’sseaports. Hence, there was the need to introduce another alternativethat will protect the Latin America from such scenarios.

More specifically, the Roosevelt Corollary raised the concept of“chronic wrongdoing” that addressed a number of issues that theMonroe Doctrine had failed to consider. The concept meant that the USmilitary would intervene when any Latin America nation founds itselfin civil unrest or even large debts. It also illustrated that Americawas responsible for governing the Western Hemisphere while Europe wassupposed to police the Atlantic region. In fact, the DominicanRepublic was the first beneficiary of the policy since the USgovernment seized every property and governed the republic after theyhad acquired a large number of loans and failed to pay the debts.They left the region only after the government had repaid the loanand it was stable enough to govern itself. It prevented the Europeandebt collectors from invading the Dominican Republic as they used todo in the past. was a better alternative tothe Monroe Doctrine since it addressed each of the challenges thatLatin America faced. The Latin America nations were no longer afraidof the European debt collectors invading them since the US governmentgave them a chance to stabilize their economy and repay the loans.


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