The Universality of Human Sin


TheUniversality of Human Sin

Psalms51: 1-12

Session1: 30 Minutes

ThePsalm was written by David when Prophet Nathan confronted him afterhe had committed adultery with Bathsheba, and thereafter killed herhusband at war. The Psalm is an exceptional illustration of aconfession for ones sins and prayer for forgiveness.

ThePsalm teaches me the importance of recognizing my sins, confessingthem and asking for forgiveness from God almighty.

Inthe beginning, David pleads for God’s forgiveness, using the lovingkindness and tender mercy as the basis for the forgiveness. Hedoesn’t go to God justifying his past good actions, but goes to Godin acknowledgement of his sins against Him and fellow man. Davidprays for cleansing, renewal and restoration of the joy of salvation.

Session2: 30 Minutes

TodayI was meditating on God’s desire for man. It took me back to thecreation story when God created man and gave him authority over allcreation. It was at this time that He made it clear that hisintention for man was for His glory. In this regard, David bows downand acknowledges the desire of God upon his life at creation. Heacknowledges that he has gone against God’s desire for his life andfeels guilty about it.

Session3: 30 minutes

Atthis session, I compare my situation to that of David because beinghuman, my situation is not any different. I cannot justify any of myactions as being righteous, clean or following the right path.Therefore, it is prudent that I pray and ask for forgiveness, and atthe same time seek for his restoration.

Bybeing made king and owing to previous favors from God, David musthave thought very highly of himself to the point of being above God’slaw. As a result, his morals, ethics and scruples were pushed asidefor the sake of his selfish desires. This is a lesson for all of usthat we must follow and know that God is always ready to guide us inthe path of spiritual recovery.