The Zappos Culture

TheZappos Culture

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TheZappos Culture

Inorder to dictate how duties are performed within organizations,companies come up with a system of shared values that govern howemployees interact within the workplace. Zappos, an online retailer,has an organizational structure that emphasizes happiness for bothits employees and customers. According to Riley (2014), the companyutilizes holocracy which eliminates the different management levelsand various job titles resulting in a flat management structure.Fewer management levels encourage employees to be self-organizing andto participate in decision making instead of reporting to managersfor instructions. Employees who show interest in increasedresponsibility and accountability are then chosen as team leaders.

Deliveringhappiness through excellent customer service is a core value atZappos. For any online retail company, response speed is the biggestfactor that influences customer service. Zappos has a customer callcenter where employees respond to customer comments and questions.This ensures customer requests are processed as soon as they come in.Moreover, the employees also focus on ensuring that the items thatcustomers order are delivered as quickly as possible. In addition,the company treats every client as a person with unique individualneeds and challenges. Since customers love personalized services,when Zappos employees attend to each client personally, they ensureimproved customer service and loyalty.

Inorder to ensure delivery of great customer service, Zappos has put inplace various measures to empower its employees. An example is thefree access to company tools that all employees have regardless oftheir position in the company. All employees have the ability toupgrade customers to V.I.P status, refund money to a customer or evensend a surprise package to a customer to brighten their day. Theemployees in turn become more committed to ensuring customersatisfaction and act as strong ambassadors for the company (Pascual,2012).


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