Theory Analysis




Thepaper establishes a link between theories and their practicalapplications in healthcare institutions by nurses in their practice.It highlights the importance of theories in enhancing practice,responding to patient problems, predicting future risk factors, andinstituting measures to mitigate the risks and reduce their impact.Hypotheses are vital in ensuring quality healthcare service delivery,with middle range theory analyses proving to work best owing to theirfocus on specific issues (McEwen &amp Wills, 2014). For instance,understanding the different parts of the ethical care and painmanagement theories ensures that nurses recognize the needs of theirpatients and provide the necessary care in addition to predicting theoutcomes of treatment options to ensure the best possible treatmentwithin the shortest time (Lachman, 2012). The process not onlyenables the nurses to use findings in research but also to understandtheir impact on the lives of patients, as well as their personaldaily tasks.


Thepaper states reasons why nursing theories are essential in supportingresearch findings, explaining assumptions during the study andunderstanding the outcome of the research in a holistic and objectivemanner. From the paper, it is clear that the utilization of theoriesensures that findings resulting from independent research are viablein practical situations and are informative enough to influencefuture research in a given area of study (Alligood, 2013). However,it is crucial for a person applying a theory to ensure that it isrelevant, useful, and applicable in a way that anyone studying theresearch can understand (Im &amp Chang, 2012). For instance, foradvanced practice nurses, the nursing exercise overlaps the study ofmedicine. Therefore, the theories serve to connect concepts in a waythat is beneficial to the nurses regarding performance improvement.


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