Theory Theory



A. An APN (Advanced PracticeNurse) is a Registered Nurse (RN) who has learned the proficientknowledge base, multifaceted skills of decision making as well asclinical proficiencies for an elaborate practice.

B. Several pathways areavailable for one to become an advanced practice nurse. These includea Diploma in nursing that is available via the hospital-based schoolof nursing. There is also the Associate Degree in Nursing abbreviatedas ADN, which takes two years to complete and is offered by thecommunity colleges as well as the hospital-based nursing schoolspreparing the student for a defined technical opportunity ofpractice. The BS/BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) is the otherpathways, which takes four years, offered at various universities andcolleges. The graduate school then offers the additional routes forone to advance the experience. An MSN (Master of Science in Nursing)offers a broad-based training for the ambitious Advanced PracticeNurse.

C. The role played by theadvance practice nurse is usually determined by the category ofspecialty filed selected. Therefore, the standards of care set by theprofessional organizations in a selected field govern the practice ofthe advance practice nurses.

D. Professional nursingpractice is regarded as a system that backs registered nurse controlover the nursing care delivery as well as the surrounding where thecare is given. It contributes to between outcomes for both thepatients and organizations. On the other hand, advanced practicenursing abbreviated, as APN is a phrase that is applied to delineatea nursing practice level that utilizes wide-ranging skills,experience, as well as facts in nursing care. The foundation ofadvanced practice has been regarded to include the great level ofknowledge, skill, as well as experience utilized in thenurse-client/patient association to realize optimal results viacritical investigation, precise decision-making, as well as problemsolving.

E. These comprise experttraining as well as guidance, soundings, research expertise, clinicalas well as professional headship, teamwork, and moral decision-makingskills.

F. The Board of Nursing doescredentialing and licensing for advance practice nurses in the stateof Maryland. The advance practice nurse needs to hold an RN licensein Maryland or additional nurse compact state. The certification ofthe advance practice nurses varies by the specialty applied. Thelicensing agency has increased flexibility in accepting clinicalnurse specialist certifications than the ones in the other advancepractice roles (Nursing Licensure, 2016).


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