Two Voices King Arthur and Don Quixote

TwoVoices: King Arthur and Don Quixote

TheTwo Voice Poem: King Arthur and Don Quixote

King Arthur

Together in one voice


I am a noble man despite not being born one.

I am a compassionate and always want the best for others

I grew up as a regular man but I was knighted person and rose to the rank of an aristocrat

I am hero to members of my community

I am a savior

My actions are revered by people

Confronting people to negotiate a peace treaty is only way of bringing about peace

I respect people working under my authority

Convincing me can be a hard task particularly if the intention is to cause pain and suffering

My achievements in the battlefield has earned me fame and adoration

My righteous way of living gives me good ending

I serves the kingdom for the rest of my life

I was also knighted (Cervantes &amp Davis, 2011).

I am sympathetic and caring

I was born from a humble family and lived a normal life before knighthood

I am not viewed as a savior anymore since I assault anyone who threatened me

I bring harm to people regardless of age and size

My criminal acts deprive me of nobility

I love war because it creates fear.

People working under my authority fear me because of non-remorse actions.

People believe that I am quite easy to convince because poor negotiating skills

I have taken part in many wars and created both foes and allies

My bad relation with others leads to a horrific end where I am beaten and battered to death

My death means that my role as a knight is finally over

Being a knight means doing the right thing by the kingdom and the people


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