Unit I Case Study

UnitI Case Study

UnitI Case Study

Themedical practitioners face numerous challenges while disseminatingcare. Chief among them are the ethical dilemmas. Ethical dilemmas areinstances where the medical practitioners have to choose between twoor more things that could yield different outcomes. In other words,the presence or lack of it may harm the patient. In this case, givingthe patient stronger painkillers could lead to severe consequences,yet lack of it is painful to the patient. Patients are given powersto make choices pertaining their health. A patient is given autonomyto suggest the type of treatment he/she should receive when given theoptions. However, health practitioners may be reluctant to administersuch care if they deem it has severe consequences.

Asprofessional caregivers, it is vital to treat all the patientsequally. Whether the patient is arrogant or harsh, the practitionersought to exercise professionalism. The quality of care is dependenton the caregivers. In that regard, the staff should not be tired ofthe patient. As much as she is demanding, it is ethically sound tooffer the best care in a friendly way. The decision-making model hasfour core elements that is identification of facts, establishing therelevant ethical principles, exploring the options, and then acting.Therefore, in this case, the doctors have the final say when it comesto severe situations. If a medical practitioner is aware of theconsequences of a particular medication, he/she should desist frombeing swayed by the patient or the family. From the medical history,the doctor knew the implications of strong medication on the widow.Therefore, whether the patient or family requested for strongmedication, the doctor has a right to deny them. Nevertheless, it isa hard choice that can cause future problems. In general, thedecision-making process is vital during dilemmas. It must involve allthe parties concerned with the patient and treatment. Before a doctormakes the final decision, the other parties must be well aware of theconsequences.


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