RhetoricalAnalysis of an Advert

The video advert assessed is for the Mercedes-AMG 2016 GLE63 S Coupe.The ad features one of most dominant modern champions in tennis,Roger Federer. The advert manages to link Roger Federer’s longevityand success in tennis to Mercedes-Benz’s ability to continuallyinvent new models that beat the competition.

In the advert, clips of Federer playing tennis as well as him drivingthe coupe down several winding roads are accompanied by a narrationthat compares the vehicle’s capabilities or even those of themanufacturer to Federer’s long lasting success and dominance in thegame of tennis. Thus, the rhetor can be identified as Mercedes Benz.By simply using one of the most recognizable sports champion in thelast few years, the rhetor targets sports lovers. The objective hereis to draw similarities between Federer and Mercedes Benz. The keyconcept here is continuous innovation in order to be ahead ofcompetitors. Thus, the AMG 2016 GLE63 S Coupe is portrayed as a newinvention that helps Mercedes be ahead of competitors, just likeFederer

The rhetor has applied some rhetorical and percussive skills toconvince the audience of this similarity. First, the rhetor appealsto ethos by aligning himself with Federer. By showing Federer as achampion who recognizes quality and endorses Mercedes-Benz, then itmeans that the new model is of excellent quality used by successfulpeople.

To appeal to emotions, the rhetor uses a very strong voice fornarration in the advert. The sound of the engine is also wellcaptured to highlight its power. Further, Federer is shown in actionplaying tennis and even seems to talk to the audience directly whenhe says “The best does not come easy, but the best is always worthit.” Appealing visuals of the coupe are also highlighted such asthe double tailpipe and the huge GPS display on the dashboard.

The rhetor also uses logos by citing common phrases to convey logicand proper reasoning. For instance, the narrator says “for one tobe the best in the field, one has to keep on reinventing.” Anotherway that the rhetor appeals to reason is by highlighting key featuresof the automobile in writing such as engine capacity and innovationssuch as strong steering assist.

Additionally, several rhetorical questions are asked. These questionsare geared towards evoking emotions or even spurring logicalthinking. For instance, the rhetor asks: when you have been at thetop of your game for so long, how do you stay there? How do you keepsetting the bar that you alone have raised? All these questions aresupposed to trigger thinking and certain emotions on the part of theaudience.

From the assessment above discussion, it is clear that theadvertisement has achieved its object by using persuasive methods toshow the link between the rhetor (mercedes), the audience and thesubject (AMG 2016 GLE63 S Coupe).


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