United States Federal Initiative on Clean Energy Savings

UnitedStates Federal Initiative on Clean Energy Savings

UnitedStates Federal Initiative on Clean Energy Savings

TheUnites States government aims at ensuring that every American familyminimizes energy costs through the utilization of clean energy. Cleanenergy sources like solar are affordable because they are provided bynature. They are also renewable and, therefore, cannot be depleted.The clean energy initiative is in line with the overall governmentprogram of preventing or minimizing environmental pollution. Theinitiative also addresses the global climate change challenges. Theinitiatives will be presented at the Global Climate ChangeConference. The meeting of international leaders of government,business, and conservation will take place at the United NationsEnvironmental Program (UNEP) offices in New York.

Strategiesfor Achieving the Clean Energy Savings Initiative

FederalGovernment Support

Theinitiative has the full support of the Obama Administration. Itinvolves cross government partnership between several departmentsfor example, the Department of Energy (DoE), Environmental ProtectionAgency (EPA), Veteran’s Affairs, Department of Agriculture (USDA),Health and Human Services (HHS), and Housing and Urban Development(HUD). The cross government partnership strives to enhance solarenergy production, and encourage energy efficiency by all Americanfamilies (The White House, 2016).

GeneratingMore Solar Energy

Everyhousehold is encouraged to select the most appropriate solar option,and adopt measures that improve energy efficiency. The ObamaAdministration has developed mechanisms for producing 1 gigawatt (GW)of clean energy by 2020. The targeted beneficiaries of the extrasolar energy are the moderate and low income households. Achievementof the clean energy target is important because it will increase 10fold the previous Climate Action Plan to generate 100MW of cleanenergy by 2020 (The White House, 2016). The 2020 goal will beproperly achieved because the federal government has put in placeinnovative financing options. Many American from middle and lowincome households will secure employment in the ambitious cleanenergy project.


Google,Inc. has the solar mapping technology. The Information Technology(IT) Company aims at providing the technology to families across allAmerican states. Future plans are to expand the solar mappingtechnology globally. The Project Sunroof improves the capability ofpeople to access solar energy through their rooftop. One hoursunlight can generate sufficient energy for the global economy forthe whole year. The Banc of California has financing plan forinstalling clean energy devices in houses. The financial plan targetslow and medium income families. The bank has allocated $100 millionfor the program, with plans to increase it to $1 billion within fiveyears (The White House, 2016).

SolarTraining Network

TheDOE developed the training program. It will be responsible fordeveloping competent human resource in the areas of solar and cleanenergy. Investors who are interested in the solar energy sector willalso be given training and regulatory approval by the Solar TrainingNetwork. The training program will be managed by the Solar EnergyFoundation. Solar energy tools, resources, and knowledge will beprovided by the foundation. The foundation has also been givenfederal regulatory approval to develop the Solar Jobs StrategyCommission that facilitates sharing of knowledge between stakeholdersof the solar industry.

CommunitySolar Challenge

Developmentof the Community Solar Challenge enhances the achievement of the 1GWclean energy goal. Through the challenge, the DOE will reward,recognize, or award individuals and teams that will create innovativesolutions for solar energy. One award value is worth $100,000 (TheWhite House, 2016). The Community Solar Challenge will assist lowincome families to reduce energy costs through the installation andusage of solar energy.


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