Victims of sex-crimes

Victimsof sex-crimes


Victimsof sex-crimes

Sex-crimeis a broad term that encompasses multiple offenses involving coercedand illegal sexual behavior against an individual. It can take theform of attempted rape, rape, sexual harassment at workplace, sodomy,child molestation, and incest. Anyone can fall victim of a sex crimeirrespective of their gender, sex, race, social or culturalbackground. This essay expounds on various facets of sex-crime,including different forms of sex offenses, its impact on the victims,and ways on how to alleviate the rising cases of sex-crime in thesociety.


Sexualoffenses are against human rights and freedoms thus sex offendersneed to face the full force of the law. Every state has laws andregulations that protect the public from coerced sexual advances orbehaviors. Sex-crime victims have the right to be protected andcompensated through various sexual assault victims programs[ CITATION Tho16 l 1033 ].As a sex-crime victim, it is crucial to seek medical care to avoidcontracting diseases and lessen the effects of trauma in the future.Supportfrom friends and family is important for the victim during the entirerecovery process.

Accordingto the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, there are about288,000 victims of sexual assault and rape every year in the UnitedStates[CITATION Flo061 l 1033 ].Most rapesand sexual assault victims are young people of ages 12-34 years[ CITATION Tho16 l 1033 ].Women and girls fall victimsof sexual assault more often as compared to men[ CITATION Flo061 l 1033 ].Over 90 percent of adult sex crime victims are female with the youngbeing more susceptible to sexual assault[ CITATION Flo061 l 1033 ].The Center for Disease Control (CDC) research on sexual abuse showsthat one out of every four girls and one in six boys are sexuallyabused before the age of eighteen[ CITATION Tho16 l 1033 ].Parents need to protect their children by engagingthem in sexual assault topics so as to gain an understanding of howto deal with sexual predators. Moreover, teachers’ involvement inthe issue has a significant role in the prevention of sex assaultsamong students.

Overthe recent past, statistics and data from law enforcement agencieshave shown a rise in sex crimes. Most victims of sexual assault findit difficult to report or even discuss their ordeal as a result offear and the stigma surrounding the issue. Sexual assault has adversephysical, emotional, and psychological impact on the victims. Sexualassault victims are exposed to health dangers, physical injuries andsuffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. According to medicalpractitioners, victims of sexual assault may commit suicide or causean intentional harm on their bodies[CITATION Flo061 l 1033 ].Some of these impacts are short-term and long-term based on theintensity of the crime committed.


Mostsex crimes are underreported to law enforcement authorities with 63percent of rape cases being unreported[ CITATION Flo061 l 1033 ].Additionally, only12 percent cases of sexual assault on children are reported[ CITATION Tho16 l 1033 ]. Most sex offenders are friends, family members and close peopleknown by the victims. Therefore, parents and caregivers have asignificant role to play in protecting their children from fallingprey to sexual predators. A sex crime is a major health, social, andlegal concern to the society. In an effort to reduce the high ratesof sexual assaults, legislators have implemented strict lawsand regulations against sexual offenders[ CITATION Tho16 l 1033 ].Sex offenders face jail terms, penalties or both,depending on the type of the sex offense committed. Law enforcementauthorities have a responsibility to ensure victims have thenecessary support throughout the healing process.


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