Violence in America

Violencein America

Violencein America

Ournation has gone through various wars or violent actions that had bothpositive and negative consequences. According to Brown, violence inour nation has been necessary for the preservation of social systemand it is a reflection of the American experience since colonization.For instance, people fought for independence to enjoy what theypreviously had, peace. As time passed, individuals began to enterinto interracial clashes as they fought to preserve the status quo,while the oppressed retaliated for freedom. This can be supported byWhite-Indian fights, independence war, the industrial revolution, theCivil War, vigilante associations and the lynching of blacks insouthern states among others. The violence was justified, as it was ameans to the desired end.

Ifyou critically analyze the history of violence in America, you willnotice that it metamorphosed from one form to another. To begin with,when the British came to America and took hold of our lands astheirs, they prompted the people to fight for freedom, which led tothe emergence of guerrilla warfare. Eventually, we won the war.After that, the slaves who were brought from Africa started to servethe new masters, the Americans. The trend continued without an issueuntil the industrial revolution began in Lynn. The police andmilitia were used to prevent workers from destroying merchandise thatwas to be shipped. In some way this revolution triggered the CivilWar.

Fiveyears down the line, the Civil War broke out, following the slaveissue standpoint between the North and South. The South fought forstatus quo, while the North for change. The war ended with Northwinning, but as a consequence, some vigilante groups arose such asthe Ku Klux Klan which lynched blacks in southern state.Consequently, there was also change in how people solved theirpolitical and ego issues. Previously, these issues were settled in aduel, but after the Civil War, assassination became the new way ofeliminating opponents. Also, crime started to spread from robbingtrains to cities with some gangs murdering people. Significantexample are killings of eight nurses in Chicago and thirteen peoplein the University of Texas, Austin. That action prompted a violentreaction from the forces of law and order.

Incomparison with today, nothing has changed except the tactics beingused. The Constitution has stipulated various avenues through whichpeople that are aggrieved can channel their issues. In many cases,you will realize that the acts are prompted by either trying to keepor breaking away from the status quo. As a nation, we have foughtwith various countries such as Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq,and terror groups like ISIS and Al-Qaida among others as we try toend their animosity towards the sovereignty of our country. We haveused violence, which was justified because of the result we wouldgain.

Athome, we have seen the rise of organized gangs, human and drugtraffickers who are ready to kill the police. This has prompted tothe enactment of “stand your ground” law that allows the policeto react appropriately. As a result, we have seen the rise ofmovements like “Black Live Matters” showing their discontent forhow black people are killed in the street by the police.Consequently, some law-enforcement officers have been assassinated asretaliation.

Furthermore,we have witnessed the killings of people by individuals without gangaffiliation, such as the Orland Shootings, which left at least 50dead and Sandy school incident where 28 people were killed includingthe perpetrator among many others. Thus, as a nation we have notstopped using violence as a means to get the acceptable social normsor to fight oppression and neither have criminals stopped to use suchmethods in their endeavors.