Why I Deserve a Scholarship



WhyI Deserve a Scholarship

The passion forpursuing medicine, as my career, started in my early years due to theconstant trips I often made to the hospital to receive treatment. Mystrong desire to join the profession triggered me to study and hardwork to achieve this dream. One of the primary reasons that make mebelieve I deserve a scholarship is due to the amount of effort andhard work that I have put in my academics in the past years. It is nosecret that one requires very high grades to study medicine, and Ihave been putting the effort to ensure I have the qualifications toenroll in a medical school. However, having good grades without thedesire to help the sick is not enough to warrant one to pursue acareer in the profession.

Medicine is one of the challenging careers where professionals needto make quick decisions and take decisive actions to some of theproblems they face (Peabody, 2015). My creativity will be useful innavigating through school and while also practicing in the medicalprofession. As the eldest among my siblings, I got exposed to manyresponsibilities, such as assuming the leadership role in my family,a lesson which I believe will contribute immensely to my education asa medical professional. I have also participated in charitableactivities in the past, such as volunteering at an elderly home andassisting in both administrative duties as well as taking care of thepatients. These activities enabled me to interact with many elderlypatients and offer them my assistance in different ways. My focus,drive, persistence, and passion for the career make me a suitablecandidate for the scholarship position.


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