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A. The attention getting sentence will be aquote, “Out of wreckage toredemption: A story of my addiction.”

B. The topic of the book is outlined heregiving details of the book name and author and a synopsis of thememoir.

If I was a book, I would be by the name,Broken: My Story of Addiction andRedemption. The author is WilliamCope Moyers.

II. Body

A. First main point will focus on William’schildhood and his first contact with drugs and substance abuse.

B. Second main point will focus on William’sjourney with addiction, rehabilitation, relapses and deterioratingrelationship with family members.

C. Third main point will entail William’sroad to recovery, personal acceptance and mending his brokenrelationship with family and friends. The point will also focus onhis last rehabilitation and the significance it brought to his life.

III. Conclusion

A. To signal the end of the speech, a briefcomment on the state of current addiction trends amongst the youthswill be highlighted.

B. A quick review of the author’s languageuse and a parting command of “Get your copy now!” will concludethe speech.

Speech on Broken: My Story of Addiction andRedemption

“Out of wreckage to redemption, a story of myaddiction”

Ladies and gentlemen, Brokenis a memoir by William Cope Moyers which tells about his road fromaddiction to sobriety. It’s about William’s life as an alcoholicand crack cocaine addict during the 80s and 90s and his journey torecovery. William discusses the effects addiction had on his life,family and friends. In this book, Cope is self-disclosing and veryhonest about his addiction journey, his repeated devastating relapsesand his uncountable visits to the rehab until he recovered. Heexplains vividly how the addiction can take a toll on someone’slife and the consequences that come with it.

William starts by narrating his childhood andhis first time to use drugs. He spent most of his childhood inWilmer, Texas, with his extended family. This is the first place hecame into contact with the drugs. He recalls that the first run-inwith the police was when he was in college during one of hisalcoholic sprees. Many questions arise from his first drug contact.Is it because he lived with his grandparents or is it because of hisprivileged nature being brought up in a rich family?

The story then wanders through his journey indifferent crack houses where he engages in multiple sexual escapadeswith fellow addicts and buys crack to fulfill his drug urges. Henarrates on the ordeals he went through with his family ranging fromanxiety, worries, deteriorating relationships and various efforts toredeem him from the chains of addiction. Will he ever make a comebackto his life? Will he triumph against his constant urges?Everyone inhis family are worried about him and do everything they can to helphim. They always paid for his rehab programs. However, his adamantbehavior to change and recover makes him lose trust from his familyespecially, his wife and father. The book then takes a ride on hissubsequent relapses after attending many rehabs. He has everything ona silver platter, money and fame which he wastes by doing drugs. Doeshe blame his father for triggering the relapses and failedrelationship with his first wife, Mary? Is his unfaithfulness acontributory factor to his deteriorating relationship with his wife?

Ultimately, he attends an acclaimed rehab inMinnesota called Hazelden Clinic where he takes a path to recovery.Here, he explains his acceptance and willingness to change his lifeand mend the broken relationships he had. He struggles with sobriety,but he finally recovers. After recovery, he is offered a full-timeposition as staff at the clinic. This is partly due to his father’sinfluence and connections. In his spiritual redemption, he changeshis first name to William. His story reflects the lives of manyaddicts and shows that addiction has no predilection to anyone, richor poor. It can affect anyone irrespective of their social andeconomic backgrounds.

In concluding my speech, Moyers personaladdiction story represents a typical addict’s lifestyle. There arevery many people struggling with addiction out there in the world.There are many reasons why these people get into addiction. Everyjourney starts with a single step. A little sip of beer in an attemptto quench curiosity leads to full blown alcoholism. It is, therefore,a white truth that addiction starts from a single trial and errorattempt. Many young people especially, adolescents are faced with thehardest part of their lives. The growth metamorphosis going on intheir lives, curiosity to experience new things and attempt to belongto a certain peer group force them in undesirable practices like drugabuse. Broken is a must read book which takes us through aroller-coaster ride on the struggles of an addict. The author usingeasy and suspenseful language engages the reader to keep on glued tothe chapters. Get your copy now! From the leading online stores likeAmazon.

Thank you.”